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  • Connecting Markets
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International Sustainability and Carbon Certification Certified

Renewable Energy Services

RES is the Renewable Energy Service Provider for B2B customers. Together with our customers we strive to reduce carbon emissions by supplying renewable energy from a decentralised basis of production facilities, offering new innovative services measuring energy performances and invest in new clean energy technologies and projects. 


What we believe

What we believe

Clean renewable energy will be the new standard, it’s our task to provide businesses access to renewable energy in the most efficient, effective and sustainable way possible

What we do

What we do

We strive to offer the best services that reduce the carbon footprint of our clients to assist them in realizing sustainable growth

How we do it

How we do it

We assure sustainability criteria and performances throughout the value chain based on the highest standards

The team

More than 50 years of Energy Experience
Jasper Nillesen Jasper Nillesen

Jasper Nillesen

Director & Sales

Freek Smelt Freek Smelt

Freek Smelt

Director & Business Development

Martijn Barnas Martijn Barnas

Martijn Barnas


Jeroen van den Brink Jeroen van den Brink

Jeroen van den Brink


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The city of Utrecht is central located in the Netherlands. The city's current expansion, more rapid than any in the city's long history, combines physical expansion with innovation, major economic opportunities and leading academic research.

Our office is located very near the center and easy accessible by car and public transportation.