Industry memberships

Participation in industry memberships is important for RES to keep abreast of innovations and regulatory changes and to actively participate in conferences and working groups.

The European Biogas Association - EBA

The EBA advocates for the recognition of biomethane and other renewable gases as sustainable, on demand and flexible energy sources that provide multiple knock on socio-economic and environmental benefits. We represent today near 8,000 stakeholders from the whole biogas and biomethane value chain.

Supported by its members, the EBA is committed to work with European institutions, industry, agricultural partners, NGOs and academia to develop policies which can enable the large-scale deployment of renewable gases and organic fertilisers throughout Europe. This expansion needs to be supported by transparent, well established sustainability certification bodies to ensure sustainability remains at the core of the industry. 

The European Renewable Gas Registry ERGaR

ERGaR was founded on 28/09/2016 in Ghent, Belgium as a cooperation between established, national renewable gas registries in Europe that will enable cross border transfer of renewable gas certificates among the member registries.

ERGaR will also provide for cross-border transfer of sustainability characteristics attached to the consignments and enable producers in countries without a registry to trade renewable gas across Europe.

ERGaR will be the Europe-wide recognised organisation for administering and mass balanced volumes of renewable gases virtually distributed along the European natural gas network. The organisation brings together national renewable gas registries’ expertise to elaborate on a joint basis for issuing and cancelling guarantees of origin for consignments with export destinations.

ERGaR seeks recognition as a voluntary scheme under the Renewable Energy Directive.

The association currently counts 34 members from 13 European countries.