Sports and business have a lot in common in terms of motivation, values, reaching goals and vision. Sports is one of the greatest motivators, with individuals constantly striving for excellence, pushing limits, and tackling failures. The same applies in the cultural scene. Sport and culture have the ability to bring culture, people and passion together. Within RES we want to empower talents to get the maximum out of themselves and reach their goals. 

Climbing - Sabina van Essen

Renewable Energy Services (RES) is sponsoring climber Sabina van Essen, the Dutch Spiderwoman, since 1 October 2022.

Sabina, born on 20 december 2005, started climbing in October 2016. From the first time climbing she was immediately sold to climbing and she wanted to spend every free moment in the climbing hall. After 2 months of climbing she already participated in local competitions, where she immediately ended up in 1st place. In May 2022 Sabina won the Dutch boulder championship as youngest candidate of the championship

Sabina is now participating in European and World Championships for the Netherlands, and Sabina's goal is to participate in the 2028 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles. Because there is virtually no financial support from the Dutch association NOC-NSF, RES sponsors and supports Sabine in achieving her goal.

The road to the top is still long and full of challenges. Reaching Los Angeles 2028 will not be due to her training discipline. Six days a week she can be found on a climbing wall in Utrecht for three hours. RES sincerely hopes that this effort will be rewarded!

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