Our team

The RES core team is characterized by a sum of multiple decades of renewable energy market experience. RES has a broad set of skills and expertise areas in a lean organizational set-up.

Our core team of specialists have an evidenced track record in business, market & product development, technical project development & management, trading & sales operations with a strong know-how in the renewable sector, structured origination, long-term bankable offtake & supply solutions, legal & compliance, sustainability certification and cross-sector industrial partnerships.

Apart from our core team, we have a dedicated group of “close allies” with boots on the ground in all markets where we are active in or which we are about to enter. RES strongly believes in making use of local specialties in a simplified and pragmatic cooperative approach. Therefore we have many partnerships with experienced local specialists, from self-employed regulatory experts to small project development agencies and from commercial agents to sustainability consultants. All with the goal to ensure the RES core team is able to be successful for all our clients throughout Europe.