Biomethane portfolio management

RES provides portfolio management services for biomethane consumers and producers of various sizes as well as for utilities that needs to source and deliver biomethane.

Based on our expertise, we will take care of your biomethane sourcing, optimization, and/or sales. By always selecting the best possible risk management methodology for your company, we ensure a lean and logical hedging approach is being utilized.  With this service, we provide  the best possible protection against financial risks in the biomethane markets by utilizing our experience and market insights. Together we identify risk factors with you in the complex biomethane markets and define a hedge policy that suits all your requirements.

In this service-oriented role, RES is an independent partner. Together we can transparently show you the possibilities and achieve the optimal risk/reward ratio for you.

RES biomethane portfolio management services will help you manage the risks involved in the gas, GOs and associated markets and have the goal to deliver you the best possible quality and prices over the long term. As part of this service, we always provide up-to-date market insights on the situation in the European biomethane markets and developments in EU legislation and regulatory impacts.

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