Investment & Innovation

Apart from RES’ biomethane sourcing and supply solutions, there are also possibilities with regards to equity financing of renewable gas production and distribution infrastructure in Europe. We do this together with our partners.

RES can support project owners and developers to build and operate methanation units and treatment facilities. We do this via bankable off-take solutions and with a possible combination to equity investment in the production plants and/or projects.

RES utilizes its expertise to enable institutional investors to directly finance companies that are working to decarbonize our economy while at the same time providing production plants and/or projects with appealing financing possibilities. With a long-term bankable off-take solution, a lower overall risk profile can be achieved;  leading to a win-win situation for both producing and financing entity.

Our innovative approaches are widely acknowledged in the sector. As part of our project development services, we can support (aspiring) producers with stable, long-term feedstock sourcing options (matched with the long-term off-take solution), as well with procurement of the raw biogas (which prevents the plant operator from a large investment to make). For the latter, a biogas upgrading plant will be constructed and financed by a third party (which can be RES, RES’ financing partner(s) and/or RES’ technology partner).

If you would like to receive more insights about the possibility to involve RES in the (co-)investment of your biogas and/or biomethane project (and in combination with bankable off-take solutions), please fill in the below form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.