Grids provide great access to both the injection and consumption of biomethane. However, due to the increasing decarbonization of mobility fuels, RES sees more and more interest in bio-LNG. Our market view is that green molecules will find its way to mobility and sustainable solutions are needed to decarbonize.


Current solutions RES delivers related to bio-LNG:

  • Supply solutions for bio-LNG operators and users to provide direct access to quota schemes via European biomethane production.
  • Off-take solutions for aspiring -producers of biomethane and to give them, via RES’ aggregation, access to the best commercial route to market.
  • Project development assistance for the “grid injection vs. liquefaction” decisions – often related to legislative and regulatory influencing factors

Furthermore RES anticipates future solutions, like hydrogen-derived methane (without the bio in it), which is in the end renewable synthetic methane. Also, we believe in the long-term existence of other green molecules solutions, like renewable methanol and renewable ammonia – probably based on hydrogen as energy carrier.


Get in touch with RES to start the dialogue about bio-LNG or green molecules solutions (off-take and supply).