GOs and certificates

Despite RES being mostly experienced in the mass balancing of biomethane, we also can deliver book & claim solutions. We offer to our clients GOs & Energy Attribute Certificates (EACs) to help you as consumer of energy achieve your corporate sustainability goals.

Choosing renewable gas from biomass sources plays an essential role in reducing carbon emissions and moving the global energy transition in the desired direction. Renewable energy sourcing is key to achieving climate targets. This can be done in multiple forms and ways. Natural gas and biomethane share the same grids. One can claim the biomethane part in such grid by buying the Guarantees of Origin (GOs) and/or comparable certificates.

We offer a wide range of biomethane related certificates and choosing the specific certificates that match your organization needs is a challenge that we like to solve within RES. Normally biomethane related certificates represent renewable, low-carbon energy generation from upgrading raw biogas. Each certificate equals 1 MWh of biomethane supplied to the gas grid.

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