Biomethane supply

Demands from downstream users and markets are evolving. We firmly believe industries will need to move forward in a sustainable way and lead by example. In this era, we can help our clients succeed by allowing them to focus 100% on their core business, while we take care of their environment impact and reduce their emissions. With our turn-key biomethane-as-a-solution we reduce financial impact and make carbon emission reduction on-site hassle-free for our clients.

RES is an established and experienced partner for the supply of  biomethane. We have a long and rich expertise with European biomethane markets and legal requirements associated to the production of biomethane.



We aggregate a broad range of biomethane qualities throughout Europe, which we off-take from our producing partners all across Europe. RES is certified as a biomethane trader according to the principles of ISCC EU and can therefore supply biomethane from basically all the Voluntary Schemes that are recognized under the Renewable Energy Directive within the EU.

We speak the language of consumers of biomethane. Whether commitments are based on (bio)fuel quota, RE100, the Greenhouse Gas Protocol or a search for lower Scope 1 emissions, we understand the risks and opportunities consumers need to deal with. What counts is that an attractive short and long term costs stability is safeguarded for the consumed biomethane in the most sustainable way.

RES understands that the national trading of biomethane involves some challenges, but when borders are crossed to optimize business models, complexity is often even higher. This is the sweet spot where RES built it expertise: we connect markets by crossing borders and by being your go-to biomethane supply partner.


The RES 5 supply USPs:

  1. We transport certified biomethane from European countries to the best product-market fit.
  2. Our contracts are set up for short, mid and long-term (up to around 10 years).
  3. We deliver fixed prices and guarantee supply from a dedicated biomethane production asset or from our portfolio.
  4. Unsubsidized and subsidized volumes and qualities; we can supply you with all types of biomethane.
  5. Activation, additionality and marketing – we know what is needed to support the claims you want to make.


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